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Wilson Pro Painting uses its perfected process to ensure our projects last. We train all franchisees and their painters the industry’s best practices. While painting a house seems pretty straightforward, all painting projects actually differ. We really focus on educating our teams on our best practices for delivering an outstanding job that you’ll be happy with and sure to refer us to your friends and family.

Our thorough process of educating our teams on the importance of Prepping, Priming and Painting is one that we take great pride in to ensure that your project is completed in the most professional manner that you deserve.

While this sounds simple, we take is very seriously and it really is one of the greatest differences that sets us apart from others.

  • We will always remove our shoes!
  • Our painters will ensure first and foremost that all furniture is moved and pathways necessary to perform the work are sufficiently covered with plastic.
  • All face-plates and necessary wood work will be taped off.
  • Filling will be performed to all necessary dents and holes in the walls.
  • Sanding will be performed to all walls, paying particular attention to the areas that were filled.
  • Walls will then be wiped in order to remove all dust from sanding.
Our painters know how to properly take care of any interior painting project no matter if it is big or small. With interiors we realize before anything else that we need to go about our workmanship with cleanliness in mind. Interior painting requires special preparation and care.
  • Our painters will thoroughly clean all surface areas prior to painting. We use a combination of pressure washing, hand washing or a simple hose down, depending on the amount of dirt and grime present on the surface to be painted.
  • Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP), an environmentally friendly version (phosphate free) available, is incorporated into our wash to clean surfaces to be painted, followed by a thorough rinse. This is designed to remove flaking paint, dirt build-up, chalking, mildew and moss.
  • Scrape and/or wire brush all flaking paint.
  • Sand edges to smooth ridges created from scraping, afterwards wipe all dust from surface.
  • Properly caulk and fill seams, cracks and joints in siding, stucco, trim etc. to prevent moisture infiltration.
  • Repair holes in wood or stucco with wood filler or stucco patching.

Wilson Pro Painting offers painting services for both residences and businesses in Canada’s western provinces. Whether it’s siding, decks, fences, or six storey buildings, we have done it all, and can deliver. We are more than familiar with our harsh climates and have partnered with Top Quality Paint Stores such as Sherwin Williams and Dulux in order to deliver the best products available for your project.

Painting Projects Include:
  • Stucco Homes
  • Siding
  • Window Trim and Fascia
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Railings
  • Decks
  • Ceilings
  • Restaurants
  • Barns
  • And More…
Our painters have gone through our full training program. Exterior painting process includes:

  • Power Washing surface when necessary
  • Scrapping loose paint
  • Sanding smooth all edges and ensure no flaking
  • Priming all bare wood surfaces
  • Two coats of top quality painting products

When it comes to painting your business, our painters can deliver. Depending on the size, type and complexity of your project we will tailor our pricing to suit.

  • Restaurants and Small Business Painting
    Over the years we have gained experience in painting small businesses and restaurants. We understand the importance of keeping your business open and thus we will cater our working hours to ensure this by working evenings. Additionally we will maintain a clean working environment when delivering our service to ensure we cause the least amount of disrupt to your business.
  • Large Condo Complex Painting
    Through the years we have performed work for small and large condo complexes. We understand that with these types of projects that our level of communication with condo/strata boards as well as individual owners must be top notch to ensure the efficient and timely delivery of our services. From the beginning to the end we will communicate accurate expectations to ensure this. Additionally, with these projects we are certified to operate man lifts and scissor lifts in order to safely accomplish work from heights which is commonly the case with large painting projects.
  • Upon completion of a day’s work or at the end of a project, we will leave your home or business clean and orderly. We live by the term clean up as you work which is drilled into all operators and their employees.
  • Interior clean up involves returning all face plates to their rightful positions packing up all equipment, picking up all of our plastic and vacuuming up any left over dust.
  • Exterior clean-up involves sweeping and vacuuming up all paint chips as well as removing any masking and drop sheets around the house.
  • We are not done the job or the clean up upon completion of your paint job until you have told us you are satisfied with the condition we have left your home in, period.

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We believe in accountability and working hard to build a reputation that we are proud of. We have been able to earn and maintain this through our “Follow Through” company initiative and “We Are All Accountable” attitude. Being a professional is one of the few things someone can do whereby they are accountable for EVERYTHING. We not only teach this but we live it. The result is an overall sense of pride, not just from our customers, but from our employees and vendors.