Management Team

Jamie Wilson

Owner & Founder

Jamie Wilson, CEO & founder of Wilson Pro Painting, was inspired to build the company in honour of his grandfather, Walter Wilson. Walter was a painter in England back in the mid-1900s who would travel to his worksite with a brush in his back pocket, a couple paint cans over the handlebars, while carrying a ladder under his arm. Walter’s moral code of “doing what it takes to get the job done right” demonstrates values that Jamie Wilson mirrors, and is proud to carry on in his family’s legacy.

Jamie has always possessed a deep-rooted passion for running his own business and embracing responsibility. Whether it was on the hockey rink, at school, or in his career endeavors, Jamie consistently exhibited a burning determination to challenge himself and achieve excellence.

In 2006, Jamie founded Scholars Edge Painting to provide university students across western Canada with the opportunity to manage their own painting businesses. With the support of Jamie and his team of District Managers and administrative professionals, university ‘Scholars’ are able to achieve financial success that can support them throughout their schooling, pay off student loans, and give them the necessary skills to kickstart their future careers.

Since 2022, Jamie has applied the same successful systems of Scholars Edge to his new company, Wilson Pro Painting. Wilson Pro is an opportunity for motivated franchisees to operate their own painting businesses with an already built-in brand awareness, proven systems, and highly knowledgeable team of painting experts and administrators to support them. As of January 2024, Jamie has brought on a new partner, Julian Sitges, who has also been operating a franchise of Wilson Pro Painting in Victoria B.C. The growth of Jamie’s company has been swift and fruitful.

Julian Sitges


Wilson Pro Painting is pleased to introduce Julian Sitges, Co-Owner of our company. Julian made the move from Mexico eight years ago and has since embarked on a life-changing path in Victoria, BC. Previously, Julian worked diligently as a painter, Production Manager, and operator for Scholars Edge Painting. He joined the Wilson Pro Team in 2023 as the first Franchisee for the Greater Victoria area.

With an impressive background of 400 projects including residential and commercial buildings, and a collection of awards in sales, customer service, and quality, Julian has climbed the ladder to become Co-Owner of Wilson Pro Painting. By choosing Julian and Frank as your Victoria Wilson Pro representatives, your service is rooted in the core values, knowledge, and heart of our company.

Julian is very excited for his new role as Co-Owner with President Jamie Wilson, where he will work with the company on an executive level, oversee all marketing and growth initiatives, support his brother Frank in his franchise, and recruit new franchisees to Wilson Pro Painting.

Keelan Campbell

Alberta District Manager

Wilson Pro Painting is thrilled to welcome Keelan Campbell, our new Alberta District Manager!

Keelan has worked in the painting franchise industry for nearly a decade, successfully supporting over 30 franchisees across BC and Alberta. From North to Smithers, and as far South as Victoria, Keelan knows what it takes to build and scale a successful painting business in any market.

Keelan brings a wealth of experience and leadership to his role, ensuring that every project under his purview reflects the company’s commitment to excellence. Before evolving his career into full-time consulting, Keelan gained his experience in business through running his own painting franchise on Vancouver Island. This foundational, hands-on experience instilled in him not only the technical expertise required for the trade, but also an appreciation for the artistry and hard work that goes into transforming your space.

Keelan also achieved a Bachelors of Commerce degree with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Victoria in 2020.

As a District Manager at Wilson Pro Painting, Keelan plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success within the region. Keelan believes in hands-on leadership and creating a positive and open work environment. Outside of work, Keelan spends most of his time at the gym, playing the guitar, and learning new skills to improve his business.

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