Start a Franchise, Own a Business
& Take Control of Your Life

Start a Franchise, Own a Business
& Take Control of Your Life

You’ve worked hard, saved money and now is the time to make your dream of owning a profitable business a reality!

Joining a franchise allows you to own your own business, be your own boss and provides you with knowledge, systems and experience.

Generate profits faster by using the Wilson Pro Painting proven business model that works and allows you to reap the rewards of your hard work!

Solo Entrepreneur vs. Franchisee Partner

Entrepreneurs often opt to start a business in an industry that they have a passion for or expertise in. While the process of starting a new business can be exciting, many business owners may not be adequately prepared to handle tasks that they may be less familiar with, such as managing estimates, marketing, sales, supplier relationships, inventory, customer service, scheduling or payroll.

Despite the personal fulfillment that comes with owning a business, building and maintaining a successful enterprise on one’s own can be challenging. Solopreneurs frequently encounter the following difficulties: developing a well-informed business plan, establishing a customer base from scratch, building a recurring customer base, managing various aspects of the business such as marketing, sales, and operations, finding a work-life balance, maintaining a good business reputation, hiring and retaining talented employees, and establishing a robust digital presence.

Are You the Next Wilson Pro Painting Franchisee?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or a student painter, or currently in trades, or own a small painting business – you can Join Wilson Pro Painting Franchise! Struggling to build a business on your own is among the primary reasons that many individuals opt to join a franchise or convert their small painting business into a franchise like Wilson Pro Paining. By opening a New Franchise or Converting an existing business to an established franchisor’s brand, business owners can share the burden of running the enterprise and relieve some of the stress and responsibility that comes with operating independently.

Most of our Franchise Partners come from diverse backgrounds and varied experience in the painting industry. However, they share similar key qualities such as their passion for leadership, an unwavering determination to succeed (coupled with a willingness to put in the hard work required), a deep appreciation for exceptional customer service, and a commitment to excellence. If you possess these qualities, we are eager to have more amazing franchise partners like you join our team.

What Your Franchise Investment Gets You…

Wilson Pro Painting franchise provides you with initial training plus ongoing training to quickly get your business up and running. Your district manager is dedicated to your success, and will support and mentor you through the various challenges and opportunities as a franchise partner.

Our district managers possess extensive experience in franchise management and have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of our painting industry.

In every market, numerous opportunities exist for hiring painters, whether it be from the trades, recruiting university students, or seeking out local sports team members. Our key to successful hiring is prioritizing cultural fit over technical skill.

While we offer comprehensive training programs to develop technical skills, the desire to join our positive and dynamic culture is of utmost importance.

Our Sales Center provides comprehensive, multi-channel customer service, handling all inquiries across various platforms including telephone, social media, and email, as well as scheduling estimates for our franchise partners. Our all-encompassing service allows you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business.

Our support office team members work tirelessly to support your endeavors, ensuring that you always have jobs scheduled, not just estimates.

As a Wilson Pro Painting franchise partner, you can concentrate on localized marketing strategies such as lawn signs, door hangers, direct mail, and field marketing.

We specialize in digital marketing techniques and work behind the
scenes to drive demand and enhance your online presence.

Investment Summary

Initial Franchise Fee
Inventory/Startup Supplies
Working Capital Cushion
Typical Investment*

* If you currently own your own independent paining business, your investment into Wilson Pro Painting may be dramatically reduced due to the investment costs of tools, equipment, inventory and startup supplies which you may already possess.

How much money can I make?

Your level of success is entirely up to you, and it hinges on how intelligently you work and how closely you adhere to our franchise formula.

Our Painting Industry….

  • The North American painting industry generates around $31 billion a year in revenue
  • The Canadian painting industry generates around $5 billion a year in revenue
  • The Canadian residential painting market is expected to grow at a rate of 5.5% annually
  • The Canadian commercial painting market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.8% annually

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